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Hiubris Trend Indicator & Strategy v2 – Monthly Access

Hiubris Trend Indicator & Strategy v2 - Monthly Access
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This is the 2nd version of the Hiubris Trend Indicator (Strategy to Backtest + Study for Alerts)

After testing several strategies for months and comparing them to the standard ‘Buy and Hold’ method, we’ve found the best performing strategy for BTCUSDT
We simplified it to make it more user-friendly (We’ve only added 1 optional exit: a % SL) and left all the inputs adjustable, so it can be optimized for ANY pair!

This is a Trend Indicator! This means that the ‘% Profitable Trades’ is not the main focus, but catching every trend swing. When trying to catch every trend swing, naturally alot of the them might be unprofitable, especially in sideways markets. The idea behind this strategy is to catch all the significant trend movements, which are alot more profitable than all the ‘sideway market’ losses

For that reason, we recomment backtesting on Timeframes greater than 15min. Initially we suggest you backtest without a Stop-Loss, trying multiple combinations of the 2 inputs (Length 9 to 32 / Multiplier 2 to 12)
After you found a profitable enough combination, you should look at the ‘Average Losing Trade’ and the ‘Largest Losing Trade’, then try further improving the results by setting up a Stop-Loss accordingly (if needed)

In our case, we’ve found that having a 2% SL (on BTCUSDT ) really helps alot with those sideways market trend swings. This also allows us to comfortably us a 10x leverage

*** When using the Re-Entry feature, make sure to change the order size to contracts! Do not leave is as ‘% of Account’ !!! ***

Some of our backtesting results

BTCUSDT 30-5 30min, 2% SL vs ‘Buy and Hold’
2019 – present 697.42% vs 250%
2018 – 2019 119.42% vs -75%

EURUSD 18-6 30min, 0.6% SL
2019 – present 12.4%

AMZN 13-2 30min, 2% SL
2019- present 279.44%

XAUUSD 18-3 30min, 1.75% SL
2019- present 53.43%

BA 20-6 30min, 1.5% SL
2019- present 251.35%