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Hiubris Trend Indicator – Lifetime Access

Hiubris Trend Indicator - Lifetime Access
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Hiubris Trend Indicator is super easy to use.

The Indicator includes Long and Short signals on chart, based on the current Trend direction – These signals can be also set up as Alerts.

It also includes multiple partial Exit Points (Take Profits) that can be used to lock in the profit you have made – These signals can be also set up as Alerts.
The Take Profits have a custom input that can be adjusted by the user regarding the frequency of the take profits – (The risk involved in each trade)

The indicator has a special Stop Loss feature that activates after a certain custom number of Take Profit points passed, locking down your profits you have made so far – These signals can be also set up as Alerts.

Hiubris Trend Indicator is very profitable on higher timeframes (45min, 2h, 4h) – It can also be used on lower timeframes, together with another Higher Timeframe Trend indicator, acting as a filter for the alerts (Ex: Hiubris Trend Meter)

How to use

– You can enable/disable all the Percentage Exit options, by simply entering “0” in the input section
– You can show/hide the alerts and the line from these Exits
– You can setup alerts for each one of them, together or separately
– Added optional Percentage (%) Stop Loss, Trailing Stop Loss, Up to 4-Step Take Profit and Break-Even SL
– Added the “Hiubris Trend Meter” Filter option – Buy and Sell Alerts will only trigger when the Trend Meter is also aligned with the trend direction
– Adjusted the Percentage Inputs so it accepts decimal values
– Adjusted the Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, Break Even Stop so it works together with the Hiubris Oscillator Exits