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Hiubris Currency Strength Indicator

Currency Strenght Indicator - Lifetime Access
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How to Use

Depending on the timeframe that you trade, it’s highly recommendable that you constantly monitor the turns of the slopes, that’s the best way to spot the currency shift of flows.

– For instance, if you are trading off the hourly  chart, look to enter at key decision points, aligning technicals to exploit the opportunities of the strongest currencies vs the weakest.

If we were to take the chart below as a reference, judging by the slopes of the Daily trends, one would think that looking for buy-side opportunities in the GBP and USD against the NZD and  EUR would be the best combination of currencies to stay on the right side of the market flows.

– If you are an intraday trader using the 5m chart to trade, what you then want to do is to constantly monitor the granular trend in the currency index off the 5m timeframe to identify in almost real time the potential changes in currency flows. Prior to that, you should have defined what are the best currencies to pair with one another, as shown above.

* We recommend using a Lookback Length of 90 for higher timeframes (1H+) and 60 for intraday timeframes


* This indicator does NOT Repaint! None of our published indicators repaint!