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Custom Indicator/Strategy Request

Who we are:

We’ve been working on multiple Freelancing platforms for the past years, coding exclusively in PineScript (for Tradingview)
In 2019 only, we have over 240 Indicators and Strategies coded, with over 200 positive reviews (see Here)

What can we do for you: 

  • We can combine any number of Indicators into one and Add Alerts to it
  • We can create basically any complex Indicator or Strategy from your specifications (within the limits of Tradingview)
  • We can help you transform your ideas into trading Strategies so you can backtest them to check if they are profitable or not
  • We can add Custom Alerts to any Indicator or Strategy
  • We can convert any Strategy into a Study or vice versa (To backtest or add Alerts to them)
  • We can incorporate Multi-timeframe indicators that will not repaint
  • We can fix/adjust your curently “repainting” Indicators

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