What's included in the Trading Pack ?

[HTI] Hiubris Trend Indicator

This is our main signals indicator. It includes Long and Short signals on chart, based on the current Trend direction

HTI contains multiple partial Exit Points (Take Profits) based on our custom Oscillators. The indicator has also a special Stop Loss feature that activates after a certain custom number of Exit Points points, locking down the profits made so far - All these signals can be set up as Alerts.

Hiubris Trend Indicator is very profitable on intraday timeframes (45min, 2h, 4h) using the Trend Code 2, but it can also be used on lower timeframes (Trend Code 1), together with another confirmation indicator, acting as a filter for the signals (Ex: Hiubris Trend Meter)

[HTM] Hiubris Trend Meter

This indicator consists of the 4 best Trend Indicators we've found so far

 When the majority of the meters turn green, it is a sign the market is heading up. When the majority of the meters turn red, it is a sign the market is going down.

The user has the option to select how many meters must align for a signal to show (Vertical Line) and has also the ability to setup Alerts based on those signals.

This indicator is an auxiliary tool to further confirm your trade entries

[HDS] Hiubris Doji Scalper

This is a simple Scalping Strategy based on 2 different custom Candle Patterns. It identifies those candle patterns and correlates them with the major trend reversal points and signals them on the chart.

All chart signals can be setup as live alerts!

** It works well on literarly any Pair/Timeframe **

[HTI2] Hiubris Trend Indicator 2 

This is our Higher Timeframe trend indicator. It is the best performing strategy we've found on long-term trending assets, compared to the 'Buy and Hold' Method

Recently, we've added customizable % SL, TP, Trailing SL and several optional entry filters: ROC, MACD, Stochastic, ADX, Moving Average, Awesome Oscillator, Fisher

*** We recommend using this indicator as an extra Higher Timeframe confirmation for your trades

[HWVZ] Hiubris Weis Volume ZigZag

This script follows the Zig Zag pattern of price movement, based on the Weis Wave Volume indicator.

The Weis Wave Volume shows the cumulative volume from the lowest point of the price swing to the highest point (or vice versa)

The user has the option to change the Trend Detection Length to adjust the swings frequency, display Support & Resistance lines based on those turning points, or change the Weis Wave Volume Timeframe

** This is a Tradingview interpretation of the Weis Wave Plugin

[HA] Hiubris AutoFibs

* Now included in the main indicator [HTI]

-Automatically drawn Fibonacci Retracement Levels based on the inputed lookback period

-Corresponding labels for each level (Price & Level)

-Fully customizable Levels and Lines through user Inputs

-Alerts based on crosses of any of the levels (Up or Down)

[HT] Hiubris Trendlines

* Now included in the main indicator [HTI]

This script automatically draws the last 2 Trendlines based on pivot points values on the chart (wick to wick)
- Users can adjust the lookback length of those pivot points

This Script is meant to help traders easily identify Trends and Trendlines

[HCSI] Hiubris Currency Strenght Meter

The currency meter measures the all main forex indexes and applies calculations on them to determine the overall strength for each individual currency.

The indicator has an option to only show the 2 indexes correlated to the displayed pair on the chart. For example, if the USDJPY pair is displayed on the chart, the indicator will only show the EUR index and the JPY index.

* It is recommended to use a lookback length of over 90 for Timeframes higher than 60min, and under 60 for lower intraday timeframes

How to Use Guides

  • Trend Code is the main indicator input. It adjusts how reactive the indicator is to trend changes (Lower Trend Code = More Trades)
    Trend Code 1 - Generally used for scalping on lower timeframes, Trend Code 2 - Is the default setting working best on intraday timeframes, Trend Code 3 - The less reactive option that will hold trades for longer periods
  • Take Profits Source: Oscillators - If this option is selected, the indicator will show up to 5 custom take profit signals based on our own patented oscillators, allowing the user to gradually lock in profits made
    Stop Loss After Oscillator TP - The user can activate a stop loss after a certain number of Oscillator Exits (Ex: If the user inputs '3', a stop loss will be placed on the 3rd partial Take Profit)
  • 4 Take Profits (%), StopLoss (%) and Trailing StopLoss (%) - Those are optional percentage based exits, fully configurable by the user
  • Stop Loss at BreakEven - The user can enable an automatic % Stop Loss when a certain percentage profit has been reached