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A detailed guide on to use the Hiubris Trend Indicator v1

U+2190.svg This is how the Properties Tab looks like


To enter the Properties Tab, just click on the cogwheel next to the indicator’s name

Below we will explain every function of Hiubris Trend Indicator independently 

This indicator is a 2-in-1 Indicator

 HTI 1 – The standard powerfull Hiubris Trend Indicator

HTI 2 – Newly implemented indicator that can be configured based on the user’s trade style

 [HTI 1]

In the last Update we added a function that combines this indicator with the  “[HTM] Hiubris Trend Meter”

The user has the option to filter out the entries based on the respective Trend Meter. So the alerts will only trigger when the Trend Meter’s direction is alligned with the HTI Trend direction.


[HTI 2]

In the last Update we added an input “Trend Code” that allows the user to determine the reactiveness of the HTI2 indicator.

Tend Code 1 – Is better for intraday trading (Scalping) This will allow multiple short-term trades overall

Trend Code 3 – Is used for longer-term trading with lesser trades and a fewer signals

Trend Code 2 – Is a balance between the other codes

This indicator allows the user to exit their positions based on certain criterias, using multiple Take Profit Orders (Step-Take Profit)

The idea behind multiple Exit Alerts is that the user can partially exit their position, each time a TP triggers 

If the user wants to use a 4-step Take Profit, he can exit his position 25% at a time (25%, 25%, 25%, 25%)

If the user wants to use only 3 Take Profit Alerts, he can exit his position 33.3% at a time (33.3%, 33.3%, 33.3%)

As you can see we have 2 ways to setup our Take Profit Orders, by using Hiubris Oscillators or Percentage(%)

Hiubris Oscillators Exits are based on premade almost-perfect exit market conditions, and allows the user to be alerted on up to 5 Take Profit zones


Percentage(%) Exits option allows the user to set multiple percentage based Take Profit Orders from the entry price

(In order to disable the Take Profit Orders, just leave 0 in the input section)

When using the “Hiubris Oscillators” exit option, the user has the ability to setup a Stop Loss after n’th Oscillator Exit, at the High/Low of the Candle where the Exit Occured

This feature will allow the user to lock in the profits made so far, in case the trend reverses

If the user wants to set a stop loss after the 2nd Take Profit Alert, the input in this section will be “2” – The Stop Loss will be set at the Low of “TP2” Candle (for Longs)

(To disable, just leave 0 in the input section)

Our next 2 features are basic percentage Stop Loss and Trailing Stop Loss Orders

The last Exit feature is the “Break Even Stop Loss”, which will create a Stop Loss order at the Entry Price, after a certain profit percentage has been reached (This allows the user to secure the profits made)